Sunday, 7 July 2019

That's made in a factory you just want to eliminate

That's made in a factory you just want to eliminate

First item that's sugar I talk about sugar a lot on beer biceps so I'm not gonna get deep into that topic all you've got to know is that in your fight against weight loss sugar is your biggest enemy you want to keep it as far from you as possible now add beer biceps I promote a fun and fitness balance so I know that completely eliminating sugar is a little difficult but your job if you want to burn fat and if you want to reach your fitness goals is to minimize.

 Sugar once you minimize sugar and you're able to almost eliminate it out of your diet the second step is to eliminate everything processed this includes everything from lays to those Cheerios as we call them in India which are those little you know snacks people eat at tea time two biscuits anything.

 That's made in a factory you just want to eliminate it from your diet it's got a lot of preservatives it's got a lot of dirty carbohydrates it's got a lot of dirty fats and it's keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself and at this point it's all about priorities so I know it's a little bit difficult to eliminate these things if they're a part of your lifestyle but it starts with not buying them not keeping those food items at home I'm a fitness YouTube I'm a fitness blogger.

 One-to-one relation with my career I am supposed to be super serious about my diet and even if I keep these food items at home it becomes very difficult for me to resist them but when I don't buy them at all I see a change in my body in weeks and that's what you can also do you feel like oh why am I not losing that stubborn belly fat it boils down to these two simple food items just get rid of them don't bring them home okay moving on to the fourth point which I personally feel is the most.
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