Thursday, 11 July 2019

Generosity when they see a specific story of a child

Generosity when they see a specific story of a child 

I'm sorry we don't want to educate our girls and women as a practical matter they may you may see that in in certain countries but at the level of our multilateral institutions there should be a broad consensus and so what what I would hope for is that we come up with concrete plans in those areas oftentimes with respect to the the sustainable development goals our areas where there is a consensus on at least the aims if not always the means and think about how can.

 We improve delivery systems how can we improve their operations on a day to day basisin some places to actually getting it done but generally speaking there's not a there aren't that many folks who will explicitly  but ultimately the last point.

 I would make that requires leaders to feel as if it matters and is important that in turn requires the public think that it matters and is important because unfortunately what you discover is is that most politicians and elected leaders are followers and not leaders they they're called leaders but.

 Most of the time they follow they they see what do their constituencies care about and they respond and one of the biggest challenges that we've had is that and I speak most intimately by the United States the general public responds with enormous.

 Generosity when they see a specific story of a child who's hungry or somebody who's been stricken by you know a flood but when it comes to just a general knowledge or interest in development funding not only the not know much but they oftentimes have a negative reaction because their view is we've got a lot of needs here. 
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