Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Locals migrate to other places due to their population increase

  Locals migrate to other places due to their population increase

Exposing the body of the spinal cord with the silk thread out of the body!  Use as a lattice.  That slug and snail breathes through the lungs on the outer part of the body.  3 mosquitoes have Lemistent Satin (glossy silk fabrics) highest.  There are attractions.  The most poisonous spider black window spider in the world. 

 Flea does not have wings.  Vanda has three simple eyes.  The name of the biggest known moth is in Hercules Emperor.  The locals migrate to other places due to their population increase.  Female mosquito noise attracts male mosquitoes from gnosis. Queen of bees has an average of 15 lakh eggs in her lifetime, she works only to lay eggs.  Idadi - Mite has eight legs.

 The female breed of mosquitoes bites the human.  Water Bottom floats downwards above Corixidae kitak later.  Green bottles are usually found in slaughter houses.  Foul, monkeys also cause malaria by mosquito bites.  The choice of food for silver fish is starch and sugar.  In which kitak the king, queen, soldier and group of workers are generatormates.  Mosquitoes have 47 teeth, one pair of legs and one pair of legions, and two pair of legs, with its segment.

 Water snail provides calcium to its shell fish in an aquarium. In pits, dragon flakes and damselfalite pests lay hunting, mating and eggs in the sunlight. Indian smallest cactus is the Circles jewel. Indian largest butterfly is the length of southward birdwings wings 1 9 cm.  M  Is there.  The most common varieties of pests are Coleoptera, 2, 90, 000 species.The world's longest insect stick kitak.  That's the smallest microphoots of the world in the world.  
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