Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Myself bigger than contracting gone and came across

 Myself bigger than contracting gone and came across

Practices and that would be helping me in my later years as I moved onto furniture and I soon realized that there is there was a vacuum and for me all businesses begin with an idea and a thought process of identifying the vacuum like there was a lack of a good designer there's a lack of international design.

 Furniture in the country okay those days which people were ready to lap it up buy it at any cost and there was no suppliers when was this this was in 95 okay so 93 to 95 kept doing contracting then I was looking at something where I could establish.

 Myself bigger than contracting gone and came across this book officio which is a magazine and a catalog for office furniture I send a fax to a couple of companies and because soon enough I got a return reply from a company by the name of Halle Berry synthesis those days Oliver T was the world's second largest office furniture manufacturer and I told them that I would come to Italy and see if I can buy their products for India and represent them in India I had no knowledge 200 square feet office Edna Quincy Road and rest is history I soon started representing.

 Only Oliver resynthesis in 96 but I picked up at least 27 Italian companies representing residential furniture glass pieces glass furniture hardware's each of these companies have now come into India 20 years later and have a showroom or a dealer or a preservative.

 I got them into India 20 years back Wow more than four years have you heard of this millennial word called hustler yeah you know what it means yeah it means someone who works hard consistently like you finish your one you finish one way task and you move on to people like us there's no choice right yeah we don't have.
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