Sunday, 7 July 2019

This is the right time to take up strength training forget

This is the right time to take up strength training forget

Lot of times you'll see that the older women are actually taking up weight training because they realized that okay you know my strength levels are going low and as a woman until you reach that age you don't value something like strength or muscle mass but it's all about realizing that you know this is going to happen to your body at some point in the future and if you are in your early twenties if you're in your teams.

This is the right time to take up strength training forget what you grown up hearing about becoming bulky through weights that's not going to happen think about your health think about your long-term future okay moving on to point number three and a lot of people might not think that this is a very women specific point but from my experience as a fitness coach I definitely feel like it is now you've got.

That how you look depends primarily on your diet it depends on the food you select to eat now if you're a woman who's struggling to reach her fitness goals if you have that little bit of baby fat and you see all these bikini models or whatever your fitness goals are if you want to get somewhere you want to burn off that little bit of fat and you've bought into.

 All these diet crazes you bought a lot of diet food and you want multigrain bread and Greek yoga and all these things you need to know that unfortunately you're playing the game wrong burning off that little bit of excess baby fat isn't about selecting diet foods or selecting multigrain bread and things like that it boils down to two very basic food items if you eliminate these two food items from your life you'll see a change in days and unfortunately women all over the world have a tendency.
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