Thursday, 11 July 2019

Role to play for NGOs philanthropy and so forth

Role to play for NGOs philanthropy and so forth

Home why are we sending money overseas sadly it is one of the area's the only areas where Democrats and Republicans agree in this in the United States is on foreign aid and repeatedly you've seen public opinion surveys where people wildly overestimate what  we spend on foreign aid they think 25 percent of the federal budget is going to foreign aid and helping people other than folks in their towns and their communities so the need for public education in the ways.

 We talked about that promote that that tell a good story that point out that this is actually a bargain that connect what we do with respect to development to security not in in a perfect correlation but to say that look if you've got failed States then generally some of that's gonna spill over on us if you have economies that are failing ironically if.

 You are concerned about immigration and mass migration it's really a good investment to make countries work so that people can eat because then it's not like they're dying to get on a dinghy and float across an ocean if the place the country.

Were they were born and they loved was functioning so so thinking about ways in which we describe this both as an economic imperative a environmental imperative a security imperative the more we can influence public opinion the more you'll see politicians respond that doesn't mean that there is not an enormous.

 Role to play for NGOs philanthropy and so forth but and I've said this to both Bill and Melinda even with the incredible generosity and enormous skill with which they've deployed their their resources over the years the u.s. budgets still bigger a lot.
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