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TAT Bharti Latest Update News Sixan Sahaayk BhartI Paripatra 07-08-2019

Tat Secondary Higher Secondary Recruitment Coming Soon

TAT bharti LETEST update news sixan sahaayk BhartI Ange no Paripatra 07-08-2019.

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District Education Officer, All. Subject: Recruitment of Education Assistants in the Government and Non Government Aided Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools of the State, Sir, to state the above, that the recruitment of the Assistant Registrar should be made by the recruitment process for the recruitment of Education Assistant in the State Government and non Government Aided Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. 

Bare the districts of the state for all procedures Accordingly, North, South, Central and Saurashtra are divided into M zones, in this zone as District Zonal Officer, District Education Officer for North Zone, Ahmedabad Village, District Education Officer for South Zone, Surat, District Education Officer for Central Zone, Vadodara and District Education Officer, Rajkot will work for Saurashtra zone. The Commissioner shall arrange for necessary training classes in accordance with the instructions of the Commissioner's schools for the roster-related activities for the officers and employees of the districts in their zones. 
As well as monitoring these activities, a smooth system will be established. The following officer personnel are appointed as master trainers for the above mentioned zone level operations. Inclusion Districts | Name of Master Trainers Officer Zone | Rank | Name of Employee Name of Employee Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Education Inspector Kalpeshbhai Rawal Sabarkantha, Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Ahmedabad Rural Ahmedabad City, Senior Clerk Arpitbhai Acharya Ahmedabad Rural, Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Patan 1. | North Zone Aravalli, Banaskantha, Chief Clerk Bhawanbhai Patel Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Gandhinagar Patan, Surendranagar, Senior Clerk Kutch, Navinbhai Vanya Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Ahmedabad City Boyd Education Inspector Bhagirath Singh S. Parmar Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Surat Assistant Inspector Surat, Tapi, Valsad, Pragneshbhai Patel Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Surat 2. | South N | Dang, Bharuch, Navsari, Chief Clerk Narmada Kanubhai B. Parmar Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Bharuch Chief Clerk Ramesh Bhai Patel Dist. Sh. Officer's Office, Navsari.

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