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Home Learning Videos for Students Of Std 12 On Doordarshan's DD Girnar Channel/Diksha Portal Video@

Home Learning Videos for Students Of Std 12 On Doordarshan's DD Girnar Channel/Diksha Portal Video@

Now children will enjoy an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge while sitting at home.

 Home Learning - Through TV, Doordarshan Kendra D.D. Home Leaning for Students  Of Std 3 to 12 on DD Girnar Channel

With schools closed to most pupils until at least September, the spotlight is firmly on home schooling home learning on DD Girnar Channel and how to stop children falling behind.

With a study finding that two million children have done virtually no work during lockdown, questions are being asked about why that is the case.

Diksha Portal Video@

 It is not possible to call students to schools for education work due to the current Corona epidemic, the academic year which was to be started from June 8.

Home Learning Videos for Students Of Std 12

So that the subject based video / educational lessons prepared for the students of Std-3 to 8 and Std-9 to 12 from the state level for the educational work of the students through TV i.e. Doordarshan Kendra-DD. It has been planned to broadcast from DD Girnar channel under the programme named home learning

The digital divide is undoubtedly an issue, with some pupils having no access to the internet or technology, and the government has been under fire for failing to deliver enough laptops to the disadvantaged youngsters who need them most.

But even with the technology, many parents feel as though it's not being used to its full potential - with some teachers stating safe guarding guidelines prevent them from offering classes from home.

Diksha Portal Video@

Time Table For Std 3 to 12 :-

In this regard, teachers are asked to inform parents, SMC members, conscious citizens as well as students about this "Home Learning" programme. Due to the Corona epidemic, the Home Department has organized a "Home Learning" programme for the students of Std-3 to 8 and Std-9 to 12 from 15.06.2030 so that the students can study at home.


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Standard :- 12

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