Thursday, 8 April 2021

Development is a continuous and gradual process

Development is a continuous and gradual process

Knowledge of physical growth is helpful to the teacher in providing personal guidance to children experiencing gravity or inferiority complex due to physical growth.  Knowledge of physical growth is also needed to give students health guidance as well as why to give them a nutritious diet. 

 Physical growth affects a child's nutrition, diet, and study.  In this way, the knowledge of growth helps the teacher in planning, implementing and guiding the children. (Development) Development is a gradual and continuous process.

  "Development is a continuous and gradual process."  Skinner Growth and development begins in the womb.  Development is a complex and complex phenomenon. It follows growth. The power gained through growth is development. 

 Defining development, Harlock says, "Development is not limited to growing larger instead, it consists of progressive & series of changes towards the goal of maturity. Development results in new characteristics and new abilities on the part of the individual." Not limited enough.  Instead it is a series of progressive changes leading to the rhythm of maturity.

 As a result of development, new peculiarities and new powers emerge in a person.  "Progressive changes in behavior that occur with age through the integration of different parts of the body are called development. 

A change in the body due to changes in the chemical structure of the body is a change in various qualities. For example, the brain develops memory, reasoning and imagination.


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