Vahan Akshmat Sahay Yojna Application Form And Assistance Amount

If any accident happens within the bounds of Gujarat state whether that person is from Gujarat or outside Gujarat if he's injured, the Gujarat government will bear the value of his injury up to 50 thousand under Vahan Akshmat Sahay Yojna. [Vehicle Accident Treatment Scheme]

Help within the accident from anywhere within the state

While the incidents of road accidents are increasing within the state, a crucial announcement was made by the Gujarat government on Wednesday. consistent with which if a person within the state is injured in road accidents, then Rs. 50 thousand are going to be given to the government for immediate treatment during a nearby government or private hospital.

Monitoring of the scheme are going to be done by the state level

The injured person will get all types of treatment in 48 hours and therefore the government will give this amount on to the hospital for the aim of saving his life. The advantage of this scheme are going to be given to all or any the people. With the entire monitoring of the scheme from the state level, the government allocated Rs 30 crore for the year 2018-19.

Vahan Akshmat Sahay Yojna Assistance Amount

What treatment is included in the scheme include

All of which include injuries like dressing, stabilization, fracture stabilization, respiratory condition, x-ray, injury operations, CT scan, MRI, ultra sound, blood transfusion, head injuries treatment and operation, intimate treatment unit (ICU), stomach and muscle injuries. Includes the costs of kind treatment.

Do not spend the primary 48 hours of treatment cost

The person affected by an accident are going to be provided in any private hospital, district-taluka hospitals, medical colleges-hospitals or the other public or private hospital. Accident patients won't need to pay any money for primary treatment. Private hospitals won't need to take any money from the patient for the primary 48 hours of treatment. Khalang hospitals will need to submit a bill of treatment to the District District Officer or Doctor Superintendent of the respective district, and therefore the private hospital are going to be given a sum of up to 50 thousand rupees for the bill.