GSRTC Bus Pass Application Form - gsrtc । Commuter Bus Pass Application Form - gsrtc

GSRTC Bus Pass Application Form - gsrtc: GSRTC BUS Pass Online Application Form: Gujarat Government is providing pass facility to not only the students but also for general people. The pass for the students is called student pass and for other public it is called passenger pass.

Student Pass: GSRTC Commuter Pass Service Of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

Students will get the pass by paying 5 day’s rent out of 30 days. They will need a fees receipt of their school or college. Then they need to fill the form given from pass counter with passport size photo. They will immediately get the pass and id card from GSRTC. For renewing the pass they just need to submit the old pass and get a new one. When the validity of pass is over, they need to renew the pass within 3 days other wise they need to repeat whole procedure. Girls from villages which are under some panchayat, get free student pass.

વિદ્યાર્થીઓને મફત મુસાફરી : ગુજરાત સરકાર વિદ્યાર્થીઓને ST બસમાં મુસાફરી માટે નિઃશુલ્ક પાસ આપશે, આગામી સત્રથી લાભ મળતો થશે

Passenger Pass : GSRTC Commuter Pass Service Of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation
The peoples who are daily user of ST bus, this facility is really very nice. They will get a passenger pass of 30 days by paying rent of 15 days. They will need just a passport size photo. For the first time they will need to issue their id from GSRTC, which is valid till 7 years.

There are three types of GSRTC Commuter Pass Service:
  • Pass for Local Bus
  • Pass for Express Bus
  • Pass for Gurjar Nagari

1. GSRTC Commuter Pass Service for Local Bus

This is a cheapest pass which stops at each bus stop on the way. So, people from villages can use this pass from their own village’s bus stop.

2. GSRTC Commuter Pass Service for Express Bus

This is costly than Local Bus pass. It only stops at some predefined bus stops generally of bus stops of cities and towns. Those peoples can use this pass. They even can use Local Pass, but if they want better facility and faster services with fewer crowds then they can use this pass.

3. GSRTC Commuter Pass Service for Gurjar Nagari

This is costliest pass. The buses of long distance are given a name of Gurjar Nagari. Even fewer crowds even better facilities than both others.
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