Gujarat Ration Card List 2022: Online Beneficiary Name

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The importance of a ration card is known to all the residents of India. Today in this article, we will share with you the detailed procedure of applying for a ration card in the state of Gujarat by using the official portal of ration card as announced by the concerned authorities of Gujarat state. In this article, we have provided a step-by-step guide through which you can also check the Gujarat Ration Card List 2022. We have also shared important aspects related to the ration card list of Gujarat in the upcoming year 2022.

Gujarat Ration Card List 2022: Online Beneficiary Name

Gujarat Ration Card List 2022

A ration card is one of the most important documents for the residents of India. Through the ration card, the residents of India can get food products at subsidized prices so that they can successfully carry on their daily life without the worry of less financial funds. Through the ration card, the availability of food items is made easy for all of the people who are below the poverty line. Also, there are different types of ration cards available for different types of people as per their income criteria.

Gujarat Ration Card Beneficiary List 2022

You can check the Gujarat ration card list online. Follow these steps:

  • Go to this link
  • Select the month and year. Click on “Go”.
  • You will see a district/taluka-wise beneficiary data list on the screen Select your region
  • You will now see the details of ration card beneficiaries for the region that you have selected
  • Select the total number of ration cards. You will now see the names and other details of cardholders
  • Click on your ration card number
  • You will now see the details of the members of your ration card.
Documents Required to Apply for Gujarat Ration Card
In order to apply for a Gujarat ration card, you will have to submit one of the following documents:
  • A valid copy of voter ID/election card
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Copy of electricity bill
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of your driving license
  • Copy of telephone bill

Gujarat Ration Card List Benefits

The main benefit of the ration card is the availability of subsidized products as per the needs of the poor people of the state. Also, a separate portal has been designated to carry out the process of ration cards such as the distribution of ration cards, displaying the beneficiary list, etc. Nowadays, because of digitalization, many things are possible while you are sitting at home. The Ration card holds a very important place in everyone’s life in India.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the Gujarat ration card you must follow the simple eligibility criteria given below:-
  • First, the applicant must be a permanent and legal resident of Gujarat state.
  • The applicant must not have an already active ration card
  • The applicant is eligible for a new ration card if his or her old ration card is expired or stolen.
  • Newlyweds are also eligible for the ration card.
Impotant link:

Step to Check Gujarat Ration Card List 2022?

To check the beneficiary list of the Gujarat ration card, you need to follow the simple steps given below:-
  • First, visit the given link here 
  • On the homepage, select the respective year and month
  • Click on the “GO” button.
  • Beneficiary List Ration Card 
  • The District or Taluka-wise Beneficiary list for the types of ration cards and beneficiaries will be displayed on your screen.
  • Click on your desired region.
  • The detailed list will be then displayed on your screen.
  • Further, click on your area. 
  • The area-wise list of ration cards for the selected region will display on your screen.
  • The total number of ration cards, the names, and other details of all the ration card holders under the selected area will appear.
  • Click on your respective ration number.
  • The details of all the members of the selected ration card will display on the screen. 


1.How can I get a barcoded ration card?
  • In order to get a barcoded ration card, you will have to apply through Form-II.
2.What do I do if I want to transfer my barcoded ration card?
  • If you are a barcoded ration card, you do not have to change your card, but only the name of the shopkeeper and address.
3.How do I link my Aadhaar card with my ration card?
  • You will have to visit the official Aadhaar linking website. Select “Start Now” and enter your address. Click on “Ration card” as the benefit type and enter your Aadhaar number, ration card number, mobile number and email address