Harsh sanghavi big announcement: No fine for breaking traffic rule in diwali

 Big announcement Harsh sandhavi break traffic rules will not be fined during Diwali festivals

Harsh sanghavi big announcement : One of the biggest news is getting traffic rules during Diwali festivities. This big announcement has been made by the Minister of State for Home Affairs, Harsh Sanghvi. The state government has exempted the public from traffic State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi has announced in a program organized by Surat Police before Diwali.

Harsh sanghavi big announcement

  • In the Safe Diwali Safe Surat program organized by Surat City Police, Harsh Sanghvi made a big announcement saying, traffic police in Gujarat will not collect fines from anyone on Diwali festival from today till 27th. When the Diwali festival has started from today, incidents like thefts and robberies are happening in the city, for which the Surat Police under the leadership of the Home Minister organized a program on Safe Diwali Safe Surat for the traders and citizens of the city. In which the Minister of State for Home Affairs Harsh Sanghvi made a very big announcement for the people of Gujarat regarding Diwali festival and said that no traffic police will collect any kind of fine in the whole of Gujarat till 27th which will start from today due to Diwali festival.
  • On the occasion of Diwali festival, there are many events happening in the city. Incidents like theft, robbery, chain snatching, raids are happening. An awareness program was organized by the Surat City Police along with the people of the city, enlightened citizens and traders to inform and alert them of all such incidents. In which the Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi also joined and in his presence informed the citizens about all the things to keep themselves safe. Meanwhile, the Surat Police showed methods to avoid fraud and incidents happening to people in different ways.
  • Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi was present in the Safe Diwali Safe Surat program organized by Surat City Police and informed the public on many issues. In the midst of all this, Harsh Sanghvi made a big announcement for the people of Gujarat about this Diwali festival and said that Diwali is a festival and in this Diwali festival my citizens of Gujarat leave their homes in the morning and go to buy big and small Diwali. An important decision has been taken today under the guidance of the Chief Minister to prevent any kind of harassment when someone goes to the temple with his family for worship, darshan. Starting from today till 12 midnight on the 27th, no fine will be levied by the traffic police in Gujarat.
  • Addressing the public, Harsh Sanghvi further said that the Gujarat traffic police should inform any citizen of Gujarat without wearing a helmet or without a license or for not obeying any other traffic rules. Efforts have also been made for that. As part of that effort, this year Azadika is going to work across Gujarat to celebrate the 75th year of Diwali by giving them a flower.
  • We have taken this decision so that during the festival of Diwali, a poor family will buy goods from a poor middle class family, be it lamps or torans to hang outside or different colors of rangoli purva and your savings will not go to police fines.