Water Pump Subsidy Yojana In Gujarat 2022

Water Pump Subsidy Yojana In Gujarat 2022 | Application Form : Water Pump Subsidy Scheme In Gujarat 2022 | Ikhedut Portal 2022 | Farmer Oriented Schemes | Subsidy Scheme 2022 are being implemented by Government of India and Government of Gujarat to double the income of farmers . Farmer schemes have been placed on Ikhedut Portal 2022 by the Department of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmer Welfare . Including agricultural schemes, animal husbandry schemes, horticulture schemes etc. Horticulture schemes and subsidy assistance schemes have been implemented by the Horticulture Department.

Water Pump Subsidy Yojana In Gujarat 2022

Water Pump Sahay Yojana Gujarat all Details

  • Name of Scheme:Water Pump Sahay Yojana
  • Launched by:Government of Gujarat
  • Beneficiaries:All Gujarat Farmers
  • Scheme Objective:પાણીના પંપ માટેની સહાય આપવા
  • Scheme under:State Government
  • Name of State:Gujarat
  • Post Category:Yojana
  • Official Website:  

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Important Dates

  • Application Date : 26/09/2022 To 15/10/2022 
  • Pump set assistance scheme for farmers Water Pump Subsidy Yojana In Gujarat 2022

Required Document List.

  1. Copy of farmer’s 7/12 land
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card of the applicant (Aadhar Card)
  3. Certificate of caste if the farmer beneficiary is of SC caste
  4. Certificate of caste if the farmer beneficiary is of ST caste
  5. Copy of Ration Card
  6. Certificate of Disability if the farmer is disabled
  7. Copy of Forest Rights Letter if Beneficiary is from Tribal Area (if any)
  8. Consent form of other farmer in case of joint account holder in 7-12 and 8-A of agricultural land
  9. If the beneficiary has soul registration
  10. Details of a member of a co-operative society (if applicable)
  11. Information if a member of the Milk Producers Association (if applicable)
  12. Beneficiary’s mobile number

Pump Sahay Yojana Gujarat Objective

  • It is essential that the farmers of Gujarat state move towards horticulture and get more and more income from agriculture. Many farmers of the state have benefited from the Pump Sahai Yojana 2022 scheme, which has been implemented with the objective of providing water to the crops and plants.

Pump Sahay Yojana 2022 Eligibility :-

To avail this scheme one has to apply online through i Khedut Portal. For which application certain eligibility has been fixed by Agriculture Department which are as follows.
  • Applicant should be from Gujarat state
  • Applicant must be a farmer
  • The benefits of this scheme will be given to the farmers of Anand, Bharuch, Kheda, Narmada, Tapi, Surat, Valsad etc. districts.
  • The equipment under this scheme has to be procured from the government approved vendor.
  • A minimum of 2 hectares of plantation is required for this scheme.

Letter benefits to be met in Water Pump Sahay Yojana

  • Farmer beneficiaries will get assistance up to 50% of the cost of pumpset up to a maximum of 10 HP or a maximum of Rs.15000/-. In this scheme, assistance will be available in the second year of planting.


What is the purpose of Water Panet Assistance Scheme?
  • This tool is provided for the purpose of attracting farmers of Gujarat towards Bagayati Kheti.
What are the benefits of Water Pump Subsidy Yojana In Gujarat 2022?
  • Farmers beneficiaries will get 50% of the cost of pump set up to a maximum of 10 HP or a maximum of Rs.15000 / -.
Diesel, Electric, Petrol Panset Assistance Scheme is run by which department?
  • The scheme is run by Bagayati Vibhag affiliated to the Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation, Gujarat.
How to apply for Water Pump Subsidy Yojana?
  • Farmers will have to apply online from Ikhedut Portal to avail this