Collection of all notes from old times till today

The collection of all the notes from the old days till today has been brought in one PDF. This is the entire collection of notes from Re 1 to 10,000 Hajar in 88 page pdf. You must have never seen old notes of our country notes till current date. we provide you pdf below to all old notes you can see there. read this article till the end and share with your friends this amazing news.

From the time of King Maharaja till today, all the notes that have come in the hands of traders are in this PDF. Seeing whom you will you surprised when you see all the old notes of our country time of king maharaja. You can also show this to your children your friends and your relatives. Due to which their knowledge will increase about our country currency.

Here there is a frame of notes ranging from one rupee to ten thousand ruppes. This note used to run at one time but our country government after change with new currency.

The art work of our country has been show on this old note. Many things like AC Kalakruti, temples, forts, palaces and wavs, and different types art which you will get to see only in Indian notes.

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a few years ago in our country, our country s Narendra modi government has changed the notes of 1000 and 500 rupees. In place of Rs 1000 notes, Rs 2000 notes came in which there is a barcode and after scanning it, our country P.M shree narendra modiji has been used to come and give a speech about changing currency our country. This code note would have worked even if it was under the ground.

Government also Changed the frame of five hundred ruppes note, ten note, hundered note, fifty note, two note and twenty note. Today the same notes are in use. The color of these notes was also different from all the notes here.

Total 88 Pages in this PDF In which there are pictures of all the notes currency of our country. First of all you can must open it in both Chrome and Drive browser then you call see full view of under this PDF.

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